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Climate Remediation, Reversal, Subsequent Control:

See: Biochar Calculator: Calculator

Latest Reports:
Daily Sequestration

Special Reports:
Paris-2015: India - Third CO2 Emitter
Paris-2015: Canada - Carbon Neutral by 2025?

- How-to Reverse Climate Change [link]
  - Biochar-Buries-Fossil

- Future of Climate Control [Link]
    (* Coexistence with Fossil Fuels)
  - How-to use the Carbon Cycle to improve
    and expand arable land (creating new soil)
    while sequestering carbon

- Energy Co-Generation Research Labs [Link]
    (* inspired by Burrard Generating Station)
  - Production of Carbon Negative Power (OCCS)
    (fuelled by VOC distillates of biomass)
  - Integration of Energy Technologies
    Study of Conversions, Storage,

- (soon) 6 Billion BBQ Stoves Sequester 10% of all CO2
      - Grilling can improve the Atmosphere

Various Science Reports:

- Fusion Geothermal [Link]
  - Possible Use of Fusion Now

Other Reports (being investigated)
  - How-to Glue Sandbags Together
- Microwave Doors (Faraday Cages)
  - Don't let your Phones Irradiate You!
- Quantum EM Drives
  - Is NASA onto WARP Engines?
- Fusion Propulsion
  - (2030) NASA: Going to MARS using Fusion
- BioPrinting Tissue, Organs,
  - Coming soon to the Corner Clinic?
- CRISPR (cas9)
  - Targeting, Editing Adult DNA (in vivo)
- Telomerase Activators in Health and Longevity
  - Juan Ponce de Leon: Fountain of Youth

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- [Link]

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