Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Climate Control

Beyond Climate Change

Biochar is the Only Carbon Negative Process

Nature emits 20 times more than humans

Key to Climate Control

• Rotting leaves return as much CO2 to the atmosphere
  as the plants took in to make them.

• Rotting leaves and forest fires release 439 gigatonnes
  of CO2 every year.

• Nature emits 20 times more than all human activities (29 Gt).

Biochar:   Intercept CO2 from rotting leaves

Money Grows on Trees (bio-Solar Energy)
• Harvest leaves, biochar leaves, sell or use biochar
  as a valuable agricultural additive that keeps
  carbon in the ground. (* Co-Generates Bio-Fuels)

Worldwide Action
• Trees everywhere already drop leaves.
• Salvaging 10% of rotting leaves as biochar offsets
  all fossil fuel emissions, improves agriculture,
  and can create millions of jobs and new wealth.

What is Biochar?

Biochar: Valuable Agricultural Additive
• Biochar is charcoal made from biomass by cooking
  leaves (without air) at high temperatures.
• Biochar can store carbon in the ground for centuries,
  like putting coal back in the mine.

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